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Iben Dorners sa Julie / Lady Capuet

Romeo og Julie, Denmark, dir Rebecca Manson Jones, design Jens Demant Cole

NEWS: Just Jones & is on the hunt for a movement director for our next project.


Just Jones & is a theatre company touring nationally with our base in South East London. Our shows are built with, by and for our audiences which makes them powerful, immediate, universal, poetic, a bit bonkers, very ambitious, totally collaborative.

We create interactive shows about the things which won’t leave us alone – the big questions of the 21st century. In playful, provocative ways, we ask our audiences to help us make the show from idea to performance.

We’re not experts on climate change, social justice or how to run the world. We are fascinated by what’s going on and we want to share our excitement, confusion and experiences. As we make our shows, we’re always learning about theatre-making, the theme we’re exploring and about your town, city or village. 

We tour because we believe that theatre is part of a conversation. Every performance in every town adds to the performance and the conversation. We are like the bees carrying the news from place to place and learning as we go.

Along the way, we invite artists and the public to meet, swap experience and make stuff in workshops, residencies and projects.

What you are doing is quite radical in theatre, it shouldn’t be, but it is” Audience Member


We hope we’ll see you at one of our events soon. Meantime have a poke about in here….


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