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Email: hallo@justjonestheatre.org.uk

Tweet: @justjonestheatre

Facebook: Just Jones


Casting: We aren’t currently casting. We usually use Spotlight online as our main casting mechanism. Or you can follow us on twitter @justjonestheatr to find out when we are looking for people. Check back in July when we may be casting for the Autumn. (Updated June 2016).

Scripts: We’re a small artist-led company and we produce our own work, so it’s unlikely we will produce your script.

If you are interested in having your script read and getting professional advice about how to put together a production or funding proposal or who to approach to produce it, we can offer this service for a charge.

Please email to enquire about rates which will depend on length of script and what you want to do. As a rule of thumb it takes a day to read a play well, make notes and provide feedback. Think about what you earn in a day and don’t be surprised if we charge something similar.

Internships & Work Experience: we are a small operation and whilst we could do with a hand, we can’t accept unsolicited requests for work experience from anyone under 18. Part-time internships are available from time to time, advertised through this website but only when we have funds to support them. 

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