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Chair sculpture


Just Jones & shows and projects take a while to make [and find funds* for.…]

We’re currently in a construction and writing period for Artist in a Happy City

Here’s a picture of the installation designed and created by Jens Demant Cole last year at the Wells Way Pop Up for the I Dream a Happy City Project.

Click on the links below to see current projects:

Artist in A Happy City (working title in development)

The Road to a Happy City

Sticking Together SE17

Previous projects and galleries:

Wells Way Pop Up 2014- 2016

An Enemy of the People 2011 – 2013

Acceptance R&D 2015

Bentley Max 2015

Brockley More 2014

Artistic Team Galleries



Participatory Workshops Ongoing:  Professional Development

*It might sound obvious but we’re committed to paying all our artists and partners fairly for the work they do, so we spend as much time finding creative ways to raise the funds. You can help us here….


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