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An Enemy of the People

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The production script is available for performance under licence – say hallo@justjonestheatre.org.uk


An Enemy of the People

adapted from Henrik Ibsen by Rebecca Manson Jones

First UK winner of the Ibsen Scholarship.

Our award-wining interactive adaptation, is set in a close-knit fictional town clinging to the coast of the UK by its fingertips. When Doctor Stockmann discovers that her ethical business is contributing to deforestation, she assumes that everyone will want to put things right.  It’s a no brainer right? Wrong.

Sister and brother discover that they are bound by blood and divided by philosophy. At the public meeting, where the cast are joined by our chorus of local people, whose voices will be heard? Who is right?

You the audience decide, and the cast perform the ending that you choose.

Production credits:

  • Adaptation/Direction: Rebecca Manson Jones
  • Design: Jens Cole
  • Lighting: Neill Brinkworth
  • Sound: Rich Walsh
  • Producer: Kat Portman Smith
  • Associate Directors: Jennifer Lunn, Heidi Dorschler, Bryn Holding, Jon Nash
  • Company Stage Manager: Ella Bolton

Cast:Sarah Malin, Rupert Holliday Evans, Matt Ray Brown, Elizabeth Elvin, Lawrence Stubbings, Samuel Lawrence, Yana Penrose

& the residents of SE London, Bristol, Torrington, Mullion School, Saltash, Liskeard

Quotes from the production

“Just Jones & tackled these issues with verve and gusto, The public meeting scenario of the second half was a masterstroke.” Bristol Post

“… entertaining & imaginatively experimental adaptation …. Another inspired addition is a good measure of immersive theatre. “

“A comically observed town meeting,… the concerns of the citizens flying from all sides, even I was moved to vote…”

“Entertaining and imaginatively experimental adaptation. There is little wonder that it is the first UK production of Ibsen to win the prestigious Ibsen Scholarship.”

“A smart script that pitches the audience into a domestic setting ripe with familial gossip and bickering, while maintaining the beats of Ibsen’s original”

“The post interval meeting… is excellently conceived – additional performers scattered throughout lending a ramshackle energy that frequently feels thrillingly on the verge”

“There’s something exhilarating about the freedom with which Manson Jones operates here: Devotees of Ibsen may cavil at the liberties taken but they never feel superfluous – Malin (Dr Stockmann) more than justifies the gender-swapping [-] with a a sensational performance and she reinvigorates the sibling tension with her Mayor brother beautifully.”

“Rebecca Manson Jones uses audience participation to breathe life and power into her riveting adaptation of the Ibsen classic.”

“There is something fascinating about being brought on board as a witness to this ethical dilemma”

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