& We Will Be Happy Here

Debbie Korley in development workshops for We Will Be Happy Here at arts depot

Debbie Korley in development workshops for We Will Be Happy Here at arts depot (photo by Fluxx).


a collaborative inclusive  show by Rebecca Manson Jones, David Lane, Jens Cole with bits made up by the company.

Our next show tells the story of a community. The residents call it a city, the Happy City, but it’s not very big, squeezed in between a hillside and a harbour. There’s a river running through it, there’s a bridge, market-place, sportsgrounds, theatre – the usual stuff. What makes it different is that it’s a little bit lost in time – could be the future, could be the past – and the other thing which makes it different is that it’s running itself based on equality. Everyone gets a say in how things are done, and everyone has to join in with the decision-making, being on the Committees, organising the fiesta, taking out the trash.

This is all fine until just before we meet the Happy City residents. 7 years into the Happy City – things are getting a bit tense and there’s not quite enough to go round,  not everyone’s playing fair, especially not when it comes to sharing out the sugar.

Not everyone is aware of the changes but there’s one woman who notices everything.  No-one’s really listening to her so she’s done two things: She’s stopped talking because language has got corrupted, no-one’s telling the truth to themselves or anyone else, and she’s started recording what’s happening in images all around the city.

As the tension mounts and the rules of the game change, her challenge and ours is to find a way to bring the Happy City back to itself, to find a new language and a new way to live.


Find out about how you can be involved in the making of We Will be Happy Here in our participatory work. We’re also on the hunt for a Movement Director and in Spring 2018 we will be piloting an inclusive casting process. Find out more here.

We Will Be Happy Here is as an interactive contemporary epic. Winner of a bursary from Dartington Hall 2014, it’s  a collaboration between Meyer Whitworth nominated Leverhulme Bursary Holder & Associate Artist of The Egg, Bath, David Lane;  Linbury Prize finalist Jens Demant Cole and the first UK Ibsen Scholarship winner and Artistic Director of Just Jones &, Rebecca Manson Jones.


Your approach has been truly original, I have never seen anyone tackle a play in the way that you are and it is truly fascinating” – Dr Sonia Massai, King’s College, University of London. 

Cast for the R&D 2014: Heidi Dorschler, Bryn Holding, Debbie Korley, Samuel Lawrence, Jennifer Lim

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