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Tiny Plays – the Story starts with you


In 2015, we won a commission to create Bentley Max – tiny plays as part of a 3 year Creative People and Places iniative covering all of Doncaster.

The project was led by Rebecca Manson Jones with people from Bentley, especially local volunteers at Bentley Community Library, four actors and a stage manager, not forgetting the home team from Darts and the Bentley Sheds.

Bentley Max is a project created by Rebecca Manson Jones, Artistic Director ofJust Jones & with Doncaster’s arts development initiative: Right Up Our Street. During the month of October 2015, Rebecca and the Right Up Our Street team led workshops, drop-ins and held informal conversations with people who live in and love Bentley.

The invitation was to imagine a Bentley a bit like everyone knows, only this one is the best Bentley we can imagine.  From there, we created characters, events, places where tiny stories.

The tiny stories could were then turned into tiny plays: set in the future, as soon as you can imagine or as far forward as 2050 and beyond.

Over 100 people of all ages contributed to the creation of Bentley Max. We are particularly  grateful to all the volunteers at Bentley Area Community Library, the WEA Adult Literacy Group, Bentley Writers’ Group,  Bentley Open House, the 1’oclock Club, Dan Jones & the Bentley Shed, Alison Morrell, Bentley Pavilion, St Peter’s Bingo Club, the staff at the Bay Horse Inn and the Top Club,

We have collected the tiny plays together here for everyone to enjoy and perhaps they will inspire you to action.

Remember if you can see an idea, then you can start to make it happen… be careful what you wish for….

Rebecca – Director, Bentley Max

The project was epic so it generated its own micro site blog which you can see here.


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