& A Manifesto for Happiness – join in

We Will Be Happy Here - art in progress

Check out The Gallery to see images from workshops so far:


Part of our  next show, WE WILL BE HAPPY HERE involves making the bits of art, the pictures, collages, knitting, embroidery that our silent central character is making. To do all of that we’re collecting ideas from people in different locations.

Ideas about what a happy city means to you, what you’d do to keep one, to make one. What would send you to the barricades if your happy city was under threat.

We’re planning a few workshops and tasters in a few places over the summer. The sessions are practical, fun and involve making something personal to you, sharing ideas, experiences and discussion. They can be tailored to any age or – our favourite -cross generations.

We could come to your festival in your town. We can do the workshop in an arts centre, a school, a library or a field.

Give us shout on twitter or email us @justjonestheatr or hallo@justjonestheatre.org.uk #WWBHH


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