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Keeping the Show on the Road

“Doing this made me feel able to join in for the first time since I got here – I hope you’ll come back”  Participant 2013

JUST JONES & is a project funded company without any public core funding.

In 2013, The ACE grant accounted for 33% of our income, 28% came from private donations, 16 % from earned income, 13% from a start up grant and 14 % from  support in kind. We kept our costs to a minimum by using and repurposing materials –  especially for our set.

This support enabled us to reach over 2600 people aged 7 to 70+ as audiences, 350 participants in workshops, conferences and seminars, 161 people in taster workshops of whom 74 performed alongside the cast of 7 professional actors in 34 performances of An Enemy of the People.

What you are doing is quite radical in theatre, it shouldn’t be, but it is

Audience Member

On Tour – Nationally

We’re proud to be a touring company, creating and chancing upon local conversations which have globel resonances. We’re currently seeking further funding for our productions, development work and participatory programmes.



If you would like to help please get in touch

& Be kind…
There’s no easy way to put this…. we need your help to take our new projects forward.  JUST JONES &  works on original productions and these take time. Whilst we’re doing this we’re also finding new and creative ways to find the resources to make the work. You can help us with getting our start up ideas on their feet … no money need change hands – you can help with office space, IT equipment, rehearsal space, accommodation.

& Make a match…
We work hard to raise money from a range of funding bodies. Funding applications partly work by looking at the applicant’s ability to raise the matching funds. One of the hardest areas to fund is our ongoing costs. If you can help with contributing to this vital part of the creative spark, then we will have a much better chance of attracting funding for our individual project costs. No donation is too small and we will keep you in touch with our progress.

& Ignite the Spark…
Or if you prefer to look to the talent of the future – you might like to support the work we do with actors and creative artists starting out on their journey into theatre or our participation work with young people and people in the community of all ages.  Whenever possible we involve young people and adults in our development workshops from an early stage in the process.

& Sustaining us…
We aim to tour in a way which makes sense on a map and which allows us to use our hard-won support on living wages for people and production resources rather than on fuel.  We accommodate our actors on tour with local businesses rather than chain hotels, investing in the local economy where-ever we are. So you can be sure that your contribution to our work is supporting the communities we visit, as well as making the continuation of exciting & imaginative touring theatre possible.

& Gift Aid – win-win You can make your contribution work even harder now that we are a registered charity and qualify for GIFT AID. If you’re a higher rate tax payer … there are further benefits for everyone.

& Join our Crowd – and if donations are not your thing and you like the sound of our work – you can send us a quick note to say where you live and where your nearest venue is. If we can find enough people who’d be interested, we can write to the venue and see if they can help!

Who wouldn’t want to support helping us get these fantastic projects seen and enjoyed  communities in  London and across the Yorkshire and Humberside in 2015? Every small or large contribution really makes a tangible difference to the impact we can have in communities.



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