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We Will Be Happy Here - art in progress

SCRIPT COMMISSION, WORK IN PROGRESS 2016 & PIONEERING INCLUSIVITY Works in progress, writing time, rehearsals and sharings are the powerhouse behind a lot of UK … Continue reading

On making theatre in a sea of change

This weekend in London an amazing array of free installations and outdoor events has been created by world-leading artists to commemorate the Great Fire of London. Giant … Continue reading

It should be as normal as breathing, women centre stage

“I was really interested in the Doctor, the woman being criticised, trying to make it all work and ultimately losing everything…. as a young woman … Continue reading

An Enemy of the People – A Tale of Two Endings

An Enemy of the People

 Spoiler Alert Look away if you don’t want to see how the two different endings of our adaptation of An Enemy of the People play … Continue reading

An Enemy of the People – Highlights

An Enemy of the People

Between 23rd September and 14th November we gave 34 performances in 7 venues,  with 7 dress rehearsals, with 7 new choruses involved each time & an invited audience at each. “I’ve been … Continue reading

Through the Looking Glass: a director turns writer